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Drain Clearing & Cleaning

Often categorized within the same scope of work, drain clearing/cleaning services utilize machines such as drain snakes and hydro-jetters, with many differences between the two.

Plumbing systems develop detrimental flow issues caused by soft blockages such as toilet paper, feminine products, paper towels, flushable wipes, etc. Hard blockages occur when something that is not designed to be put into the plumbing system it was not designed for such as toys, rings, rocks etc. but can also be caused by root intrusion from nearby vegetation.

Drain clearing snakes use hard, tightly wound cables rotating within a drum. When fed through the drainage system, this machine effectively cuts, retrieves, and pushes blockages affecting the flow. Drain snake machines are highly effective with soft blockages and can reach over 150’ within the piping. Drain machines such as these are limited in some situations. Older plumbing systems can become brittle and thinner than originally designed due to constant contact with water and waste. Due to the higher probability of causing more damage to these older plumbing systems and piping, knowing when and how to operate a drain snake machine is important.

Hydro-jetters use high pressure water to cut through and push blockages affecting flow, while being gentle enough to older plumbing systems that a drain snake machine could easily damage during the clearing process. Hydro-jetters can also be used to maintain and clean plumbing in drain fields, gutter drains, french drains, building drains, kitchen drains, floor drains, and side sewers. Hydro-jetters are highly efficient when roots have intruded your side sewer or home plumbing system, cutting the roots with high pressure water targeted at the full diameter of the pipe.


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