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PEX Piping

When repairing or replacing a home’s water system, ensuring the best materials are used results in proper water flow and pressure. PEX water piping stands for “Cross-Linked Polyethylene” and comes in two variations allowed to be installed within a home. Type B PEX is rigid and fairly easy to kink. Installation requires special tool that crimps the pipe onto the fitting. PEX B is measured by the outer diameter of the pipe which differs from other types of PEX. B PEX is more commonly found in manufactured homes but is also used in traditional homes as well.

Type A PEX is expandable piping that requires a specialized expansion tool to install. Arguably superior to type B PEX, type A PEX such as Uponor is measured by the inside diameter while type B PEX such as Sharkbyte is measured by outer diameter. This means an equal length of ½” pipe, one type A and the other type B, the type A PEX will hold more water which in turn means the water system will have better flow and less fittings used. Type A PEX is more pliable and less prone to kinking and pinching off the water supply when compared to PEX B as well. Type A PEX comes with a 25-year warranty from the factory and has a life expectancy of 25- 50 years.


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