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Rodents And Plumbing

Crawlspaces are natural habitats for many creatures in the PNW, and for many more in other states across the nation. Rats, mice, and groundhogs frequently visit crawlspaces and can become a nuisance or reside peacefully without the homeowner ever knowing.

Most issues relating to rodents in the plumbing world revolve around poisons. Rat and mouse poisons are designed to dehydrate the rodent. When this type of poison is used, it becomes a common occurrence to chew through water pipes. This occurs simply due to the rodents attempting to quench the thirst presented by the poisons. Regardless of material (plastic or metal) rats and mice will eat right through water pipes to access water.

Ultimately, the best way to protect a home from rodents is to keep poison far away from your plumbing systems and rely on another means of extermination or removal.


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