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Side Sewer Inspections

Unsure how healthy your side sewer is? Give us a call! We offer video recordings of all inspections upon request.

Whether your plumbing system is connected to a city sewer main or a personal septic tank, regular side sewer inspection is important preventative maintenance. The long term damage resulting from unknowingly compromised side sewer pipes can be catastrophic to any home. Without repair to even the most commonly found issues, sewer back-ups often lead to substantial amounts of damage and costly repairs to your home. Knowing the condition of your side sewer is crucial for any homeowner and can be the difference between a simple repair and a completely upturned life having to deal with a home full of sewage.

Camera inspections can reveal unknown and potentially severe damage to the piping between the home’s foundation up to the city main connection/septic, known as the side sewer. Sewer camera inspections often reveal unknown root intrusion, collapsed plumbing, cracking of plumbing, and the cause of unknown blockages. Sewer cameras also offer the ability to locate the plumbing issue using sonar, allowing the plumber to mark the exact location of the blockage above ground, expose the side sewer piping, conduct a repair, and restore proper flow and function.

The most common way to inspect any side sewer with a sewer camera is through an exterior clean-out connected to the home’s sewer system. If there is no existing exterior clean-out available a plumber can remove a toilet within the home, however installing a new exterior sewer clean-out would be strongly recommended and should be discussed with your plumber.


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