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Supporting Families in Kitsap

In the heart of community lies a powerful force that unites us all – compassion. Even in a world that can seem chaotic, it is the bond of coming together that transcends differences. One such endeavor that embodies this spirit is the act of donating food to families in need. In an effort to strengthen and support our community on Thanksgiving here in Kitsap County, our team at the Peninsula Partners did just that.

As a team, the businesses that make up the Peninsula Partners worked together on putting together a family donation to someone in need during the holiday season. To maximize the impact and awareness of this opportunity, our team engaged the community through social media campaigns, requesting nominations for families that may have reservations about speaking up. Each nominee had a different circumstance, from a new baby in the household, to just simply being down on their luck. Whatever the reason was, our team was able to ensure that they received a warm nutritious meal for the holiday. Every business in the Peninsula Partners, received a nomination for a family in need, allowing us to cater the donation specifically to them.

Personal fulfillment for the businesses in Peninsula Partners came on distribution day when families stopped by to receive their meals. Witnessing the impact of our collective actions reinforced the importance of community bonds and support. The journey of supporting these families in our community has been a testament to the power of collective compassion. It is incredible that a group of small, local companies, came together in order to support in Kitsap County. While the families thanked the company that sponsored them, we want to offer a special thank you to the companies that participated in donating these meals: Ashley Porter Realtor, Hero Handyman, Kristy Bass Mortgage Solutions, Washington Plumbing & Drain, Wakuwaku Waffles, Acres of Love Photography, Baer Land Essentials, Sound Exterior Solutions, Safe Home Resources LLC, Studio 27 Cleaning, Yetter’s Junk Removal, Aesthetic Haven.


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