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Water Heater Tanks

Water heater tanks come from many different manufacturers in a few differing configurations.

Most homes within Washington state are plumbed for an electric water heater tank. Among the simplest of designs electric water heaters do as the name implies, utilizes electricity to heat water within a tank to then be distributed throughout the plumbing system of a home. The standard when plumbing these electric water heater tanks is a 50-gallon model, though there are many other larger and smaller sizes to fit any situation. Hybrid water heaters offer greater energy efficiency and can sometimes qualify for local energy rebates. Hybrid water heater tanks are topped with a heat exchanger and an easily operated control panel on front of the tank to maximize energy savings. Electric water heater tanks will typically cost more in operating costs (utility bill) over other options but cost less for the initial installation of the appliance. Due to safety and state law, electric water heater installation can only be completed by a licensed plumber and plumbing company.

Less common than the electric version, gas heated water heater tanks are available for both liquid propane and natural gas applications. Gas fired water heater tanks typically cost less to operate per year when compared to electric water heaters but have a higher cost for initial installation. Gas fired water heater tanks require vent piping plumbed from the appliance to the exterior of the home in a safe location as to prevent any possibility of the exhaust entering the home. Improper installation of any gas fired water heater tanks, to include their venting, should only be completed by a licensed plumber and plumbing company.


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